Help to Build a High-End Home Theater Easily! The FiiO Dual RCA Analog Audio Cable LR-RCA2 Is Officially Released.

Affected by the global pandemic, we have to stay at home more often than ever before. Therefore, more and more HiFiers choose to build their personal “concert hall” at home. Among diversified audio and video devices, we usually need a channel to complete the connection. Here, FiiO’s LR-RCA2, a dual RCA analog audio cable, is a high fidelity cable used to connect varieties of devices.

The LR-RCA2 is compatible with many RCA connector-equipped audio equipment, such as smart TVs, speakers, DVD players, external DACs, power amplifiers, Blu-Ray players, CD players, etc. It is designed with an elegant red and black outer jacket, sporting a three-layer PVC sheath that allows it to be more flexible and durable as well as be more resistant to bending and wear. The left and right channels are separated from each other-easily connect one equipment to another with great sound quality, for a variety of exciting listening experiences.

The versatility of the LR-RCA2 comes from high-purity annealed monocrystalline copper wires HPC-23T, the dedicated HiFi audio cable manufactured by Furukawa Electric. Each wire is braided with 0.6mm wire, three-stranded worth for 60 wires in total, allowing for a faithfully restored sound.

Key features of the FiiO LR-RCA2 include:

*High-purity Furukawa annealed monocrystalline copper wires

*24K gold plating

*Thickened sheath

*Braided nylon outer jacket